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Trees are the source of natural beauty, lighting up areas with greenery to create a natural aura. They look stunning, standing tall and beautiful under the glorious sun. However, like each decor, tree services are essential to sustain the eye-pleasing look of your area. York Tree Pros offers expert tree services to add a soft finish to your landscape.

Explore Our Professional Tree Services

Our Tree Services

York Tree Pros offers top-notch tree services in York City, Red Lion, Hanover, Shrewsbury, Dallastown, Dover, as well as the rest of York County.

Tree Removal

We offer safe, clean, and professional tree removal services.

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tree trimming york pa

Tree Trimming & Pruning

We will keep your trees healthy, and safe for years to come.

Emergency Tree Removal

Our emergency tree removal services will help remove dangerous trees from your property.

emergency tree removal york pa
stump grinding york pa

Stump Grinding

Our Stump Grinding service will remove stumps left behind from previously removed trees.

Our Happy Clients!

“York Tree Pros came out to my house and removed a dangerous tree before it could cause any damage to my house.”​

Barry Kripky

”I have had a number of trees trimmed by York Tree Pros over the past couple years. My trees are looking great!”​

Lindsey Gordon

“These guys helped me remove a bunch of trees giving me the space needed to add a nice size shed in my yard.”​

Peter Foster

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Offering affordable and timely service is something that we take great pride in.

5 Reasons to Choose Us

At York Tree Pros, we value you, your money, and your time. Still thinking about it?  Here are just 5 great reasons you should call our experts right now.

  • Low prices for tree services!
  • We can handle any sized job. Our team offers you both commercial and residential tree service.
  • Using the best machinery and tools is important in order to get the job done as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of work that we offer!
  • Punctuality, politeness, and professionalism are all very important to our contractors. Years of experience from these experts helps you to know you are choosing the best contractors for the job.
  • All of our technicians are licensed and insured.
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What Do We Offer?

Trees serve as a natural site decoration and give a serene glow to any space. However, without proper and regular maintenance, it can make your property look abandoned and ignored. Sometimes, during storms or unforeseen occasions, trees can cause road blockages. And so, people call for emergency tree removal. 

York Tree Pros is a tree service company providing all sorts of tree services. Our offers range from trimming to significant land clearance and renovation. We can give any shape to your site and revamp it according to your design.

Moreover, our services are available at any time of the day for any occasion. And work to any site scale. Our employees have the expertise to provide guaranteed work quality in due time. Thus, we ensure punctuality with integrity to satisfy our treasured customers. 

Does your property need maintenance, or are you looking to renovate your site? Our expert services are just one call away. Make your contract and avail the services instantly! 


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