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Tree Removal York PA

Cutting down a tree is not an easy task. All structures around the tree need to be considered, as well at the height and where the tree will fall. Carelessness can result in damage to your home or business and very quickly cost you several thousands of dollars. You should never have to risk this becoming an outcome when looking for the right company to hire for tree removal. You avoid the risk when you call us to remove trees from your property!

Choose a Professional Tree Service

Tree Removal York PA

Tree cutting is a technical task. No one can just randomly cut a tree to remove it. You have to consider its height, location, and structure in the calculation. Moreover, cutting trees requires proper fall analysis to ensure safety.

Expert Team of Arborists

York Tree Pros is a team of professional and trained arborists working in the tree industry for years.

Affordable Services

The market is competitive in both the services and the prices. However, people often hesitate to deal with tree services because of sky-reaching rates. Usually, there is no work- guarantee.

Modern Equipment

York Tree Pros stands reputable in the tree service industry. We leave no room for quality compromise with our low prices and promises so high.

Round the Clock Availability

There is no perfect time to call for tree services. York Tree Pros is at your service round the clock.

Experienced Tree Experts

Why Choose Us?

Large tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal, branch cutting and tree cutting; our experts perform a large variety of tree services to make sure we can help you with the exact service you need. We move as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of work. And we always strive to meet and exceed expectations.

We offer commercial service as well! With the manpower and tools we have the experience to quickly handle these more complex jobs, too. York Tree Pros is here to help your business with any and all tree needs. Whether it is clearing your property of weeds or our emergency tree removal, we don’t only offer our services to residential clients but commercial customers as well. When looking for top tree services in York, we are the ones to call!

Best Tree Removal Services

Offering affordable and timely service is something that we take great pride in. We know your time is very valuable, therefore our experts are extremely punctual and reliable. Moving fast and accurately in order to get the job done as quickly as possible with results that go above and beyond your expectations is very important to us. You can count on us for the tree service that you need! 

When an expert is dispatched to your location, that technician is there for you and they are there to finish the job the same day! Say goodbye to several days of waiting around for a technician to start your project and leaving that project half completed. We even offer emergency tree services where you can call us at any time to assist you with storm damage or other unexpected events in order to take care of these issues for you as soon as possible.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost in Pennsylvania?

Prices of tree removal vary based on certain circumstances pertaining to the particular service you require. On average, tree removal costs are somewhere around $965 (ranging from $350 to $1580). Tree height, tree accessibility, tree condition and tree location are all concerns that factor into the price that we give you for the service you require. Location is by far one of the most significant of these factors. When in an area where the average living cost is higher, the price range for service may also increase.

When a contractor from York Tree Pros is dispatched to your property to give you your estimate, they will consider all of the factors previously stated. These factors can both increase and decrease your quote. Once we are on the site and the type of equipment we will need to use is determined, this will also impact your cost.

A few things to keep in mind…

Your prices may be higher when:

  • You have a tall tree. (The taller the tree, the higher the cost for service)
  • Your yard is not easily accessible.
  • Active power lines surround the tree.
  • The tree needs to be removed by a crane.
  • The tree is fragile or in poor condition.
  • You are requesting emergency service.

Your prices may be lower when:

  • The tree that needs removal is small.
  • Requested service is during the off season.
  • The site is easily accessible to your dispatched contractor.
  • The tree has fallen over and is not on a structure.
  • The work can be done without complex equipment such as a crane or bucket truck.

Tree Removal York PA

Why Choose Us?

The biggest reason that we are the company to choose, is the very affordable prices that we offer. That’s not all though, not only do we offer great prices, we will match or beat quoted prices for the services that you need. We are fully committed to making sure that you get the absolute best price.


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